Introduction to     The Venice Series

HomeSafe - Proprietary Reverse Jumbo Loan by Finance of America Reverse


President of Finance of America Reverse, Kristen Sieffert, introduces The Venice Sessions – unscripted interviews with HomeSafe borrowers and how they are living life on purpose.

We gathered eight customers at a studio in Venice, CA to hear about how they approach this season of life in terms of outlook, lifestyle, and finances. These borrowers aren’t sitting back, they are making retirement work. A few reached the point in their lives where they realized that something had to change. Some were spending half of their working time to pay off their conventional mortgage, while others couldn’t imagine downsizing because they love their home. “I feel that a huge burden has been lifted off my shoulders. I no longer have to work full time to pay off my obligations,” said Steven.

With so much more flexibility in their lives, these HomeSafe borrowers are experiencing the joy that comes from accomplishing their goals.


The HomeSafe reverse mortgage is a proprietary product of Finance of America Reverse, LLC and is not affiliated with the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) program. Not all HomeSafe products are available in every state. Please contact us for a complete list of availability.