Loving Where You Live with Linda

The Venice Series

"There's nowhere else I'd rather live."

As an active member of her community, Linda is constantly out and about. Whether it is swimming, going to the movies, or entertaining friends, she is always on the go.


Living in San Francisco for the past 46 years, Linda has found her happy place.

Every Sunday you can hear Linda singing in her church choir. She's an experienced Alto but has recently been dabbling as a Tenor -- she admits it's not something that has come naturally to her. And when she's not harmonizing with the choir, she's helping out in the children's center.

It's not just the kids that benefit from Linda's generosity, she graciously shares her home by hosting international students who are studying abroad to learn English. "I've met a lot of students from all over the world...that has been rewarding and a lot of fun to do."

"I thought about it, what do I do? Do I sell the house, do I move to a smaller home?

I said no, I want to live in my home"

-- Linda, Real HomeSafe Customer


Being self-employed has given her freedom, but a lot of stress too.

Linda will be rightfully celebrating her 30th anniversary of running her product specialty company next year. But as she explains, "There is a lot of stress being self-employed, and as I am getting older, the amount it costs to live and pay off my debt was getting to be too much for me."

Her historic Victorian San Francisco home was built in the 1870's and is her pride and joy. Being historic means that Linda needs to keep up the outside of the home to preserve the original charm and her porch was in need of major repair.

Linda worked with her mortgage broker to learn how a reverse mortgage could help her actually save money each year even after she paid off her mortgage, paid off most of her credit card debt, and even set aside cash for emergencies that is earning interest.

After a long day's work, Linda cuddles up to her beautiful cat, Tealey. Her home has a lot of character and isn't typical, especially for San Francisco. The backyard itself is a whopping 2,000 square feet--unheard of for homes in a population-dense-city.

There's no wonder why Linda couldn't imagine uprooting her life to move to a less expensive area for retirement. She loves her home and the life she's built. Thanks to HomeSafe, she had the opportunity to relieve her financial stress of existing debt and living expenses.


"A huge stess has been taken off me, I am happy and I feel good about it!"

--Linda, Real HomeSafe Customer


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